Physical Therapy First Cuts Treatment Time from 66 to 12 Days

Evidence-based practice

The United States in experiencing a health care crisis. Certainly one of the burdens on consumers is long wait times before and/or between treatments. Some patients have to wait several days or even weeks before they see a doctor or specialist. One hospital, Virginia Mason, in Seattle, has a novel approach that significantly cuts down on treatment time. What is their approach – "for movement disorders, see a physical therapist first."
As noted in this story:

"'This is one of the reasons health care has become unaffordable in the United States is that we are wasting time and we're wasting valuable medical assets,' said Dr. Robert Mecklenburg.

The hospital wasted no time treating Beth Lauderdale. She was getting physical therapy for severe back pain just two hours after she phoned in.

'I called at 8:30 and they said they had a 10:20 appointment,' Lauderdale said.

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Here is yet another example where seeing a physical therapist first can save you time, money and needless suffering.


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